If you google or look up any information between Roland Bivens or Anthony McClelland they come up as the same person. Did you know that Lebron James might have a step brother? In addition to his identity fraud case, he has been the subject of a number of other stories. The best decision he made was to introduce basketball to him as a fifth-graders. James doesnt recall any memories with McClelland, and they dont even have the same last name. Although Aaron has tried to reach out to LeBron, he has not received a response yet. James is a 4-time NBA winner, 4-time MVP, However, at the same time, his fame and success had just begun. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. With Stovell having no evidence, the judge ultimately threw out his $4 million lawsuit. He is now 50 years old. Full name: Anthony McClelland Nick Name: Tony Nationality: American Ethnicity: African-American Partner: Gloria Marie James (former, 1980s) Children: LeBron James and Aaron McClelland Anthony McClelland Reportedly Changed His Name and Age Tony was said to be born Roland Bivens before he changed his name to Anthony McClelland. It is highly unlikely that the father-son duo will ever play in the same league. Is LeBron James Dad A Man Named Anthony McClelland? Meet Ral Ocasio, Rapper Rauw Alejandros Father, How Tall Is Jaden Newman: What We Know So Far. Anthonys strong influence on LeBrons life has made him a major figure in the world of basketball, and understanding his story is essential to appreciating the legacy of LeBron James. He got killed when lebron was 8 years old but looks most like him. The birth of his first son was the beginning of an incredible journey for both his father and the Cleveland Browns. At 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters), he can play point guard and shooting guard positions. Those were the periods when he needed him the most. He had to deal with a lot of hate on social media and on the court. McClelland was not there for LeBron or his mother in their time of need. February 26, 2022, 11:49 am, by Anthony McClelland may or may not be LeBron James biological father. Let us find out through this article. Stovell began pressing for a paternity test in 2007. He has been in and out of trouble his entire life, ever since he abandoned the NBA star mother when she was sixteen and gave birth to him. Gloria had a significant impact on Jamess life, while Anthony was largely absent. His incredible talent and potential were quickly noticed by basketball fans and critics, and his popularity skyrocketed within a matter of months. LeBron has known the identity of his father for years but he doesn't want anything to do with him. A picture of Roland Bivens in high school looks similar to LeBron even! Your email address will not be published. The one who will bring balance to the conferences. Wiki says anthony mclelland but he looks nothing like lebron. LeBrons decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers drew a lot of criticism from fans. Sami Jarjour Like Maverick Carter, my right-hand guy in my business. However, reports claimAaron tried to reach out to his rumored half-brother after his mothers passing, but LeBron James did not respond. Currently, 6 feet 9 inches tall LeBron who was drafted in 2003 plays for Los Angeles Lakers. The reason I believe Roland changed his name to Anthony is that Roland was charged with arson and theft. In 2002, he was detained for various felonies, including theft and fire. It could be because they did not have a legal father in the first place. Partner: Gloria Marie James (former, 1980s) The King was understandably emotional after breaking Kareems 39-year-old record. Some even believe Anthony McClelland to be Roland Bivins. Anthony was absent throughout LeBrons upbringing and was arrested numerous times for theft and arson. LeBron's biological father wears a shoe size of 11 (US). LeBron James is one of the most iconic and successful athletes of all time, and his father, Anthony McClelland, has played an integral role in his success. Thurmond would be in his 40s when Gloria was pregnant with LeBron. LeBron is an only child but according to some sources he reportedly has a half-brother called Aaron McClelland Gamble. The first is Leicester Bryce Stovell a lawyer who came forward claiming to have an affair with LeBron James mother in 1984. He has been imprisoned repeatedly for minor crimes since then. Also born in the 1980s, Aaron McClelland Gamble is the half-brother of LeBron James and also an alleged abandoned son of Anthony McClelland. Aaron has tried to get in touch with his supposed half-brother, but it seems LeBron is not interested, even a bit, in forming a relationship with him. LeBron Raymone James Sr. is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Anthony McClelland and Roland Bivens are the same person. The couple wed in California in 2013; in 2014, Zhuri James, their sole child, was born. When he was 19 years old, he became a father for the first time when he welcomed his son, LeBron Raymone James Jr. As a result, LeBrons life took a major turn, as he concentrated on raising his children and away from the court. A former NBA legend is the second candidate that many people link to LeBron as his father. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected him as their first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. Stovell sued the mother and son for fraud and defamation. Apart from this assertion as recorded by some sources, Roland attended the same school as LeBrons mother, Gloria Marie James. In the film, the roles of Dom and Darius are played by real-life sons Bryce and LeBron James Jr., respectively. The problem for McClelland is that he had already been found guilty of theft five times in the late 90s and was arrested again in 2002 when he reappeared. Who is Marie Anne Thiebaud? Rolands high school coach even said that he played the same style as LeBron! Many stories and conspiracies surround Anthony McClelland, particularly the name Roland Bivins. Many believe Anthony McClelland changed his name to Roland Bivins to escape his criminal reputation. Either way, makes who Lebron is a person even more incredible. LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Lets take a look at these four individuals. He said he met Gloria at a bar called DC Space. Bronny James is expected to declare for the NBA draft in the near future. Though amongst these accomplishments, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabar for the most points scored in NBA history will be his most remarkable feat. Whatever the story, Da Real Lambo is not the only man that was associated with Tonys ex, Gloria. Many people recognize him as Anthony McClelland though as there is currently no evidence to support the claim that he is Roland Bivens. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. Moreover, as per our research, Anthony's zodiac sign is Capricorn. A bit of a mystery. Aaron was born in 1987 in LeBrons hometown Akron, Ohio. Many members of the team have been working out informally over the last few weeks. He was quite good at it, and this is possibly where LeBron picked up his talents from. Anthony McClelland's son Lebron Raymone James Sr has a whopping amount of net worth. Roland Bivens is a name that's been mentioned to possibly be LeBron's father. Lambo even referred to her as his wife. SGP Special: Welcome to Chicago, Dansby Swanson and Andrew Benintendi, Shoeless Goat Podcast: Post-Winter Meeting Special, Spread Option College Football Week 13, 2022, Browns Give Up Massive Package To Get Deshaun Watson. Roland Bivens was a star basketball player at the same high school as Gloria James went to in the 1980s. Another man named Roland Bivens is a person whose name often comes up in these conversations. He makes around $400 million in salary and $600 million in endorsements. Some even claim Roland Bivins is Anthony McClelland himself. Who Is Anthony McClelland, LeBron James's Father? Growing up, James did not get to have a healthy father-son relationship. The third guy, Roland Bivens, seems the most likely imo. However, McClelland headed the wrong path from a very young age, so we can even assume he could not earn a proper living. Buzznigeria.com copyright 2021. Is LeBron James Already Making His Moves Back To Cleveland? His mother experienced a lot of difficulty in order to bring him up into an excellent person. Anthony McClelland Reportedly Changed His Name and Age, Anthony Supposedly Abandoned Another Child, Career and Net Worth of LeBron James Father, Gloria James Had Another Relationship After Anthony McClelland, Ted Jorgensen Was Jeff Bezos Father: 10 Unknown Facts About Him, Who Is Merve Dibo? Its finally here: the long-awaited sequel to the classic animated and live-action film Space Jam. Space Jam 2, the sequel to the original film, will be released this summer, following a long wait for fans of the original film. LeBron James is the NBAs fifth-highest-paid player and brings in millions of dollars through endorsements and appearances. King James shares snippets from his basketball games, business events, and brand deals on his social media. He will pursue his own basketball career in the same way that his famous father did. Thanks all along, LeBron James wrote in a 2014 Instagram post. Despite not having a smooth relationship, LeBron James has revealed that the absence of his father in his life helped him become the man he is. Everything About The Ex-Wife Of Tallest Man Sultan Kosen, Who Are Dwyane Wades Children? In addition, he was named APs Athlete of the Year four times in his career. LeBron James Dad Anthony McClelland Roland Bivins Anthony McClelland. There are rumors that LeBrons half-brother is Aaron McClelland Gamble from Akron, Ohio. Randy Mims, my friendhes my manager, you know. If Anthony McClelland and Roland Bivens are in fact the biological parents of LeBron James, they must have crossed paths. In 2017, He bought a $23 million mansion in Brentwood, two years after buying the first house in the same area. Anyway, since James is a force to reckon with and appears time and again on TV and several, and with his pictures plastered on the internet among other outlets, there is a certainty that McClelland may have seen his son. James appeared in different basketball magazines, and he had many supporters before he could start a professional career. To sum up, James is a four-time NBA champion, four-time NBA Finals MVP, four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, and seventeen-time NBA All-Star. Now he has an estimated net worth of more than $500 million as of 2022. Roland Bivens does actually look like lebron. - Empire BBK LeBron James' biological father, Anthony McClelland is discussed in this article. Why? Tony was clearly never part of LeBrons life, but he may or not have seen him at birth. This would have somehow kickstarted his pro career with a negative vibe. Aaron McClelland Gamble (son of Anthony McClelland) is rumored to be LeBron James half-brother. After Lebron was born she did have many boyfriends but never had a baby with any of them. As a result of his recent announcement, the 16-year-old has been offered a Division I basketball scholarship to attend Duquesne University. Is Brittney Griner Trans, A Man or Woman? Check this shit I found out: He was a member of several health clubs where he faithfully conditioned his body. I keep that somewhere far, far away,James told ESPN. He has a $10 million house in Akron, Ohio, and a $36.5 million spread in Beverly Hills. Three of them were, by definition, children. LeBron James, amongst NBA fans, is frequently debated as one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. Metta World Peace stated My brother was in jail with Lebrons father. Needless to say, LeBron has done well enough without a father in his life. Anthony Mcclelland left him in the care of his football coach, Frank Walker, when he was nine years old, and he went on to have a successful football career. He decided to channel the negative energy he grew up with into something strong. Rolands high school coach said that Rolands play style was the exact same as Lebrons. They had to move from one apartment to the other because Gloria struggled to get a stable job. It is uncertain who Anthony McClelland actually is since his former partner, Gloria James, and their son Lebron, are hesitant to provide much information. LeBron James was already a national basketball star in high school in 2002 when his father retraced his steps and made an effort to reconnect with him. He had a relationship with another woman, who he again left after she got pregnant. Karla Knafel Is Michael Jordan's Ex: 10 Unknown Facts, Milly Alcock: Her Rise From Washing Plates To House Of The Dragon, Gwen Isaacs Is Graham McTavish's Wife: Meet Her And Their Children, Darryl Baum: Facts About Mike Tysons Guard Who Shot 50 Cent, Ch Avery- Shocking True Story Of Lloyd Avery IIs Brother, 30 Best Fuck You Songs For Very Difficult Moments, Blade Icewood- His Life And Tragic Death- 7 Facts About Him, Demri Parrotts Death, Mystery About Her Life And Layne Staley, Rindy Ross- Where in Gods name is she? It's been reported that Bivens was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1994. Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact, she was only thinking about his long-term prospects. But here's the catch: Bivins died in 1994, while McClelland was sentenced to prison in 2002. He won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in his 2003-2004 season as a Cavalier. September 12, 2021, 7:31 pm, by Today I will be putting on my secret agent skills to work. I'm not sure he is human so this may be true. Was Roland Bivens just a guy who looked just like Lebron and dated Gloria. On the other hand, Gloria whom Tony had LeBron with is an African-American philanthropist, advocate, socialite, and the Vice President of the LeBron James Family Foundation. Dudes built like he's Hercules. His half-brother, Anthony McClelland, was arrested in 2002 for theft and arson, and some speculate that he could be LeBrons half-brother. Who is Russell Wilsons Sister? But things get complicated because Bivins passed away in 1994, while McClelland was incarcerated in 2002. But Anthony McClelland was supposedly arrested in 2002. According to an 86 Scout rating and a ranking of 34th on ESPNs Top 100 list, he is a good Scout. More information on Anthony McClellands career and achievements should be available. Some people even say that Roland Bivins is Anthony McClelland reborn. See Also:Ted Jorgensen Was Jeff Bezos Father: 10 Unknown Facts About Him. His presence will forever be a part of the legacy and story of Lebron James. Because of the salary cap, this years bargain-basement spending is $44.9 million. Have something to tell us about this article? Nationality: American The conspiracy is lit by many Akron natives who believed the two dated and were often together. King James made his national team debut at the 2004 Olympics, where Team USA won a bronze medal. There are also rumors that LeBron James father is a man called Roland Bivins who was reportedly shot and killed when LeBron was eight years old. After becoming a free agent in 2010, he joined up with the Miami Heat. King James made his national team debut at the 2004 Olympics, the year Team USA came home with a bronze medal. Why was he not a part of Lebron Jamess childhood? Many individuals in their neighborhood think they were together for a while because they frequently hung out together. Lets find out more about him. LeBron James, among NBA fans, is regularly debated as a single of the greatest players in the heritage of the NBA. His 38 years old son, LeBron, whom Anthony Tony had left is a 4x Most Valuable Player, 4x NBA Champion, and NBA Finals MVP, and one of the most celebrated and greatest basketball players. LeBron Raymone James Senior is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Meet Zendayas Half-Sister. by The 8-bedroom, $23.5 million oceanview estate includes comforts like a home theatre, sauna, and steam room. Many people believe his birth father is Roland Bivins. LeBron James is the fifth-highest-paid player in the NBA, and he makes even more through appearances and brand deals. Anthony McClelland allegedly committed at least five robberies and several arsons before being apprehended. As a result, Gloria had to give up on LeBron, and she sent him to live with a football coach named Frank Walker. The pregnancy led to the birth of a son named Aaron McClelland Gamble. LeBron James does not have a relationship with his father, Anthony McClelland. by Josef Castillo | Dec 31, 2022 | Famous Players. She lived with her mother, Freda James, her grandmother, and two brothers. LeBron James, also known as King James, is currently regarded as one of the greatest players in the sports history. You speak of the prophecy of The Chosen One. Anthony was born on 23rd November 1972 in Akron, Ohio, the United States of America, where he did his growing up. Rolands high school coach went as far as to compare their playstyle and demeanor. is hempz shampoo and conditioner good for your hair, which of the following is true of the auteur theory, shawna rivera net worth,
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