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Breaking news and hard-hitting talk about the big stories of the day. But I also think its a form of gaslighting. Also, half a billion pounds shortfall in the coming financial year. How are they been helped? [14], Joanna Williams of Spiked praised the podcast and Thompson in particular for tenacity in pursuing interviews and FOIs,[1] as did James Marriott of The Times. And Ive never considered my gender identity. Well, at least theyre allowing a number of their staff to go on road shows and campaign for that change, whether they corporately have taken that position or not. 3.36 Fall and Rise of China: China & Japan: Big Brother & Little Brother. [citation needed], Nolan reports that when he began the investigation, colleagues warned him against reporting on transgender topics.[3]. Are you able to share any of them with us just how strong and determined sex is in any of those areas? Theyre a lobby outfit. In January, a row broke out over how the Office for National Statistics was going to record sex in the census. Approved by the Triumvirate on Spoilers. And it is deeply worrying that public bodies are signing up for this. Welcome to the Nolan podcast, where amazing things happen. No Westminster government departments that we ask would release information to us under Freedom of Information. In this episode we speak to Assistant Chief Constable George Clarke. So the public money is going to this political lobbying group. So we have to put our hand up and say, not in our name. Nobody within BBC Diversity and Inclusion, willing to be accountable to any of you in this podcast, by taking questions from me. That comes first. Its a good question. -Yes, No, Or prefer not to say so. [21], Multiple members of BBC staff and the BBC Pride Network quit their positions at the BBC throughout 2021, citing the BBC's continued anti-LGBT actions and specifically noting the Nolan Investigates podcast, the dropping of Stonewall diversity programs, and the publication of an article claiming "some trans women are rapists". But, you know, the other thing is its really stupid for Stonewall to be so secretive because the whole point about free speech and criticism is that it improves organisations so that the best thing that Stonewall could do is have a free and open discussion, because then their policies would get analysed and they might drop some stupid things like the mother thing, and they would end up being more respected as well because they were open to debate. Gerard tells us he believes he does know the identity of the person responsible for his sisters murder. FULL of sentences that make sense. Also, more than half of victims of sex crime in Northern Ireland are aged under 18. This is a subtle change to the BBC census, but its an important one and nobody within the whole organisation. Or what if I have no ideas at all? I consent to the use of following cookies: Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The end. O4Opinions likely to cause offense to selected groups . Mason Rockhold Cover art photo provided by Jason Leung on Unsplash:, Also, electric cars - warning demand for public charging points is outstripping supply.By BBC Radio Ulster. Im not cis gender; Im a man., why would you need to be corrected by any? Hosts JB and Nolan chat for a little bit every other week about competitive meta news and make some jokes too. And so theyre getting preferential access and getting the opportunity to set out what they want that policy to be and to be very clear that what they would be fine with and what they wouldnt be. And weve found examples where government is essentially paying Stonewall to lobby it. That night 18 year old Marian Beattie left her family home to attend a dance on the outskirts of Aughnacloy. Recommended by Anamymous. Listen to their stories, pains, and pride when it works. == Early life == Life advice from two completely unqualified teens. Thompson, I dont understand what protected characteristic is. Staff within Scottish Civil Service had been challenging their colleagues about the language that they were using. And the leaders of these organisations need to realise theres a risk there because what actually happens is Stonewall speaks to and gets accepted by certain members of staff, and its those members of staff that then go and do the lobbying within the organisation almost on Stonewalls behalf. The Welsh government changed their Equality and Diversity policy and they added an additional protected characteristic not provided for in law, but certainly advocated for by Stonewall. Stephen Nolan, managing director of the UN's Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S), offers a global take on the impact of Covid-19 on the sustainable finance agenda. Maternity policy changed.. They say Paragraph six of the terms and conditions of Membership of the Diversity Champions Scheme States the following the member undertakes that it shall not at any time disclose to any person, any information that it has received from Stonewall by virtue of its membership benefits or otherwise, which may be of a confidential nature. So theyre actually telling us that they are satisfied. And then theres a question on gender identity. How did Citron c, This episode of Lost is brought to you by the fine folks at the LAPDBy Ema & Nolan, Cocaine BearHAS ARRIVED! Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day: an unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment. He also said that the Diversity Champions program had helped in reducing "workplace discrimination, harassment and invisibility of LGBT+ employees". What happens? to the downright disappointing (MERCED Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way. So the Welsh government are saying it, there it is, protected characteristics including gender identity. Nolan Investigates on Apple Podcasts 10 episodes Nolan Investigates looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. During the night she was seen dancing with a young man. And actually, if we want to understand the discrimination that trans people and nonbinary people may be facing, then we need good data on that. Hear the audio that matters most to you. Music| Dead Ringers is a twice monthly horror podcast covering double features with shared DNA (e.g. As an independent producer of statistics, it is our role to ensure the final set of Census questions is a suitable balance to meet the user need.. There is a bizarre situation here as well where Stonewall are coming to that stakeholder event as a lobbyist, as an outside lobby group. Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day: an unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment. 97 episodes Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day: an unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment. The weekly read through of Ada Palmer's Award winning Terra Ignota series. Introduces the debates around sex and gender identity, Interview with non-binary politician Owen Hurcum, Interview with Dr David Bell about the treatment of children with gender dysphoria at the, Stonewall's proposal that the word "mother" be removed from maternity policies. We talk Stephen Nolan in the Holylands and Logan Paul vs Mayweather. Changes happened. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. From BBC Radio Ulster, UVF and UDA through their representative group say 'credible threat' - if loyalism and unionism continues to be undermined. Email: 18/11/2022 - The day's main news stories, topical debate and interviews. The Just Keep Learning Podcast will help you learn to achieve your big dreams. premise, structure, concept), but distinct personalities. A potentially 0-1-3 week turned into a 1-0-3 week, saving the boys' sanity. This is taxpayers money going to this lobby group, this charity, and we ought to know about it. Lets look at some of the policy issues that you disagree with in terms of Stonewall, so lets talk through them. Now what the Welsh government actually say there is that the Equality Act 2010 protects these characteristics. Theyre entitled to lobby. Sports, music, news and podcasts. Podcasts My Sounds The Nolan Show Breaking news and hard-hitting talk - Stephen Nolan gets you talking about the big stories of the day. So heres the pertinent paragraph. Claims of a conflict of interest arise from Stonewall ranking companies via the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (a league table), and then selling their Diversity Champions Programme to help the company improve their ranking. Stonewall wanted changes to that and guess what? Thats why partly one of the reasons we set up is we felt that gay peoples reputation is going to be undermined here. Episode 8 The Debate. To watch episodes of Happy Sad Confused, subscribe to Josh's youtube channel here! Or you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.This podcast series is presented by Stephen Nolan, with Vinny Hurrell.Produced by Vinny Hurrell. But actually it affects everybody. Id like to see actual verified polling to suggest that the majority of actual mothers are concerned. Its just a way of making people buy in to their strange, narrow ideology. Japan began its Meiji restoration, an incredible hyper modernization process done to thwart colonization by western powers. The Nolan Show investigates true crime from Northern Ireland and further afield. The latest on THE PENGUIN HBO series!! And when things go sideways, like having a child diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, it's natural to want to curl up in a ball and hide from it all. Or click the links below to read a condensed transcript from each episode. The Scottish government funded Stonewall to deliver inhouse the role models and Allies programmes. Also, electric cars - warning demand for public charging points is outstripping supply. We did all the governments around the UK. Nolan looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. Also, electric cars - warning demand for public charging points is outstripping supply. I think thats a form of gaslighting people. We hear for the first time about The Rats Tail a pathway that lead to where the body was found. 144: The Visionary/Integration Relationship: A Dynamic of Conflict & Collaboration, Aches, pains, and pillow problems - Nolan is tired and feeling his age, PowerPoint Best Practices, Tips and Techniques, with the author Chantal Bosse, February 19, 2023 - Men Without Chests (First World Problems), February 12, 2023 - McChurch (First World Problems), BOF's Batmanimation Podcast Ep. Are we going to contact the Scottish government and ask? So they would say they were cis gender, as in, they present in the gender that they were born into. All the remaining Taiping Kings and Hongs son were hunted down and executed. [2], Of lesser focus is questioning the legitimacy of Stonewall's status as self-assigned experts on LGBT matters. Brian Whitmore of The Power Vertical speaks to BBC 5 Live's Stephen Nolan about the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. What the hell is going on? But what these documents revealed is that Scottish civil servants were lobbying on behalf of change to that law. Memorable, well-done production. It is completely normal and appropriate for charities to engage with public sector organisations to advocate for their beneficiaries to improve public policy. Or you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.This podcast series is presented by Stephen Nolan, with Vinny Hurrell.Produced by Vinny Hurrell. An Interview with Christopher Nolan, plus his favorite scene from his first feature film FOLLOWING. She called the perception understandable but maintained that it was no more than perception. And well hear more about that later on the podcast. Do they think the word mother is inappropriate, or do they say, do you know what? I dont think were very keen. On Happy Sad Confused, Josh Horowitz gets nerdy and intimate with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the planet. Also, teachers take to the picket lines today demanding up to a 12% pay rise. This includes support through our Free and Voluntary Workplace Equality Index, our Diversity Champions Programme and providing speakers and or training when requested. Because it now asks people to define what gender identity they have. Which is where youd want to be, if you were a lobby group, right? So the simple, Thomas doubts Jehovah, Waweru tries to discredit some inventors, and Liam goes nurturist again. "I don't really have time for podcasts" -Dr. Ada Palmer discussing the show. Its sort of like when middle class, clever people talk to working class people and they try to baffle them. Where is the deal on the NI protocol? So its almost like a two pronged approach by Stonewall. Ive never been asked by any charity or any lobby group to sign a gagging clause or a sort of non disclosure agreement. BBC Radio 5 Live - Stephen Nolan - Available now Episodes All Available now (19) Next on (7) 26/02/2023 The day's main news stories, topical debate and Welcome to Nolan Allen, where amazing things happen. They wont release this information so that we can determine whether or not Stonewall did have any real influence over their policies. Yes so Stonewall would say that people whose gender identity is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth- is the language they would use- so in other words, they were born male, identify as male- they would call those people CIS or CIS gender. Im sure Stonewall will be pleased with that. In a statement, the Office for National Statistics told us, Impartiality and independence are fundamental principles of the ONS and in line with the Civil Service Code. I understand why they have that position. The effects on women, I guess, are particularly severe because sex is a protected characteristic and the duty to monitor sex discrimination and inequalities arguably affects women more than men. Stonewall are nowhere to be seen. She left with him after 1am and within minutes Marian was murdered. Now we just dont have that access behind the scenes. Were looking for what Stonewall is asking them to do and what theyre saying back to Stonewall in this conversation about the workplace equality index. "By Bill "Jett" Ramey, A big chat about music, movies & memories and how you can use them towards your creativity. "[16], Stonewall responded to the podcast with a tweet on 14 October, the day after the podcast's release, saying: "You might've seen a podcast about our work today. In Equality law, there is no concept of gender identity. Messages for those who love to hear the Word of God. For this reason she didnt really excel in school, or as a, Dr Alan Stout spoke to NolanBy BBC Radio Ulster, Greetings, World Today's episode I chat to Kimberly Anderson about her award winning poetry anthology ' Do I Look African' We look at the identity politics and processes behind her poetry and how she used various platforms to market herself.By Candice Nolan, Rend your hearts, not your garmentsBy Mike Nolan, Omagh police attack - latest news and reactionBy BBC Radio Ulster, Crisis averted. And we know that Stonewalls lobbied for it. Stonewall tells organisations it should record data on the gender identities of their staff, and thats not a legal requirement to do so. They CREED III, ANT-MAN & THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA, why he reveres Heath Ledger's Joker performance, and more. The Radio Academy did not rescind any nominations.[26][27]. And he should remember that. Or is it the reality of the modern workplace? Example, one ally challenged people in a Yammer conversation objecting to the use of the cis prefix to explain their objection, and this resulted in one of them subsequently publicly changing their view and agreeing it was the appropriate term to use.. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. This week's episode, they recapped the games including: - Freaking out about the lack of skill on this Oilers team - Blowing not one but TWO three goal leads - Jack Campbell's regression - McDavid/Draisaitl hitting 800/700 respectively Then they dove into th, On the 7th edition of BOF's Batman on Film Chapter by Chapter podcast, BOF's Justin Kowalski hosts and is joined by BOF's Ryan Lower to break down and discuss the "I'm Glad You're Dead" chapter from BATMAN '89.By Bill "Jett" Ramey, Also, weight loss drug - I talk with a Nutrionist to ask how it works and if it's safe.By BBC Radio Ulster, NCGs own Director of Operations and Sr. Business Coach, Kathryn Freeman, takes over as episode host for a one on one conversation with Nicole Hanik, Chief Integration officer at Painters USA. I dont see what there is to hide at all. The casual competitive Digimon TCG Podcast. Nolan investigates: Stonewall. From . They do yeah. And I think thats really worrying from a public body. It is. And Im not trying to be ignorant here. Browse for Stephen Owens interviews, guest appearances, and call-ins. It doesnt mean that you can be homophobic or anti trans or anything like that, but you may not want to disclose those kind of bits of information about yourself or sign up to this particular belief, and that should be okay. In this episode, we take stock of where were at in the Regional Housing Needs Assessment process, explain tools like the builders remedy,, Terrance almost died at his rock bottom. We're here to take you "out of the hourglass" and reach YOUR S Was LOST a good TV show? Is the Windsor Framework a good deal for Northern Ireland? But Alice wouldnt that be so fascinating. I like this podcast give it five stars! And then theres an additional question that if someone is a trans man, for example, who gives birth, its inappropriate to label them as a mother because thats not the way that they would describe themselves. I dont quite understand it. That seems to me its ludicrous. You must be the expectant mother, spouse or partner. to You must be the spouse or partner, including same sex partner of the pregnant woman. Put us up your index. Who says gender identity exists in the first place? Now, it would be unfair, but its tempting in both cases to say, Just Try things and call it a day. Well, why would an organisation not want to know how many people were from the trans community? Google Universal Analytics short-time unique user tracking identifier. So yes, they have stated gender identity instead of gender reassignment. If youre were to look at statistically with robust data, look at how someone who has self-identified matches or doesnt match with the sex they were born into, in terms of their statistical likelihood to commit crime or to be predisposed to something. We work closely with organisations and individuals from a wide range of representative groups in England and Wales to ensure the questions included in the Census provide the fullest picture of our population. The Scottish government have already -youve lost it. If you can strengthen your dreamer muscle, there will be plenty of ideas, too many to even try them all. Though the Citrons were simple and affordable, he knew they were built to handle any terrain even the Saharan Desert. Well, a lot of this comes back to how you perceive Stonewall and Stonewall kind of have it both ways because they will admit publicly, we are a lobby group and we have affected great change over the years. From BBC Radio Ulster. The Presentation Podcast features conversations among expert presentation designers Troy Chollar (TLC Creative Services, Inc.), Nolan Haims (Nolan Haims Creative), and Sandra Johnson (Presentation Wiz, Inc.) where they discuss a wide range of presentation-centered topics such as their design best practices, running a design studio, presentation tips & tricks, opinions on presentation industry-software-clients-and more. How To Create Meaning And Perspective To Start Building Big Dreams, CHAPTER BY CHAPTER Ep. Someone had an opinion which goes against what your view of the world and they were corrected. Nolan Investigates or Nolan Investigates: Stonewall is an investigative journalism podcast, released all at once on 13 October 2021, looking into the BBC's relationship with the LGBT charity and lobby group Stonewall. Speculation of a protocol deal being announced today - what will it mean for Stormont? During that time the family of Marian Beattie claimed that the police had misplaced over 40 items of evidence linked to the case. But my friends wife because of the job they do, wont be able to work all of the time because its like a quite intensive job that they do. The Meaning Of Life And to me, the meaning of life question is meaning. And I actually got this from Viktor Frankl, not just a Holocaust survivor, but a, BOF's Justin Kowalski talks BATMAN '89 with writer/producer F.J. DeSanto on the 9th episode of BOF's Batman On Film Chapter podcast.By Bill "Jett" Ramey, DUP MP Ian Paisley spoke Nolan Live on BBCNI last night.By BBC Radio Ulster, Jonathan Majors is without a doubt THE actor of the moment and he's here on HAPPY SAD CONFUSED to talk about it all! 46 years later, nobody has been brought to justice. She is also a recovering indie publisher and a stay-at-home work-at-home mom who describes herself as a supermom with a second-hand cape and an empty glass of wine. The podcast is the story of how it all unfolded. What range of organisations beyond Stonewall. She was never rude, or ignorant, but found herself pushing back against authority in day to day life. 03/03/2023. It affects both sexes. Did Stonewall advise this? Conor will be talking with developers, contractors, architects, planners, business development managers and many more construction professionals from the built environment. While Thompson may not have considered his gender identity, many others will have done. BOF's Batmanimation Podcast Ep. So theyve removed the word woman as well. Stephen Nolan @StephenNolan "The bottom line is - cars are dangerous" - caller John - a member of Extinction Rebellion John - a member of Extinction Rebellion - opposes the A5 upgrade in preference of public transport infrastructure. Its to put them on the back foot, so that when you go into an organisation, if youre Stonewall, if youre one of these other activists, you want everyone to use the right pronoun. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a user's experience more efficient. But what we saw again in another Freedom of Information request was that they were using those meetings to then afterwards open up a discussion about the sex question. The central focus is the relationship between BBC and Stonewall. Connect with us: @NolanBegley @SpencerTorok The Sub-Reddit: --- Send in a voice message:, Also, a brand new visitors centre at Belfast City Cemetery has raised eyebrows.By BBC Radio Ulster, Last time we spoke the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace, Tianjing had finally fallen to the forces of Zeng Guofan and his Xiang army. She left with him after 1am and within minutes Marian was murdered. 46 years later, nobody has been brought to justice.This is a special Nolan Show podcast, following the events of that night, and the investigation that followed.Do you have information relating to Marian's murder? Conversations with staff who stopped by covered issues such as the need for gender neutral toilets in Scottish government buildings, what is meant by cisgender and the legitimacy of trans and nonbinary gender identities. In the next episode, we investigate whether Stonewall are correctly interpreting the law. I mean, you will have heard that some employees felt real pressure to do things, for example, like put their pronouns in their social media biographies. The 2021 census includes new questions, counting military veterans and extra categories on sexual orientation and gender identity. This is a show where we talk art and art processes. Ill say it again. We also measure progress through Stonewalls annual Workplace Equality Index, and we consider the feedback we receive from Stonewall through this process. In this episode we return to the quarry with Gerard Beattie, Marians brother. She would be found dead the following morning. So theyve changed. So they say they are selling their service as experts on LGBT and collusion to governments. Dead Ringers Off-Topic: The Top 10 Horror Movies of 2022, STAR TREK: PICARD cast (Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, & Michael Dorn), What Bothers Us about Supervision with Tracy Bertran, Michele White, Traci Manalani, Larissa Thurlow, #4 - Chris Elmendorf on the Builder's Remedy, Terrance McMahon On Sales, Goalsetting And Turning Life Around. Well, thats a good question. I agree. The Nolan Show has been working on this investigation for over a year. Weve got some opi, Also, teachers take to the picket lines today demanding up to a 12% pay riseBy BBC Radio Ulster, Episode #168, There is a new PowerPoint centric book, and this conversation is Troy, Sandy and Nolan talking with Chantal Bosse about her just released book, " Microsoft PowerPoint Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques".